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If you would like to view all the questions on the form before registering please click the link below. You can save your form and return to it to make changes until you select the Complete function, at which point no further changes can be made.


Before you start your application, please read our Guidelines which can be found on our website. You will probably also find it useful to read the document "Giving Your Application the Best Chance", which can be found on our website on the Applications page. This gives additional information and help, much of which is repeated in the Help sections attached to the questions on the on-line form.


You may only make one application at a time to Trusthouse. If your application is not successful, you will not be eligible to make a further application until 6 months from the date of notification that your application was rejected. If you receive a grant, you will be informed when you make your final report to us when another application can be made.


We stress we do not have the funds to help everyone who applies to us. Each application is judged according to its individual merits, its relevance to our funding priorities and the interests of the Trustees in the applying organisation and its work. There is therefore no guarantee that a grant will be made, or any grant awarded will be for the full amount you request.

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